The concept of eniacSim

eniacSim is a fully integrated and easy to use Excel add-in to perform Monte Carlo Simulation on your spreadsheets. All details for modelling risks are stored in a separate information layer in your Excel file and do not affect normal functionality. The concept follows the strict rules of

  • full integration with Microsoft Excel, including menu ribbon, easy to use interface and function set

  • designed and developed for macOS

  • fully functional on Windows

  • full usability of your spreadsheets, even without installation of the add-in

  • Monte Carlo Simulation and risk features can simply be added on top of every regular spreadsheet

  • full transparency on simulation data and calculated results

  • comprehensive toolset to analyse simulation results

  • availability to develop your custom application using the full function set of the add-in

Main Features of eniacSim


Monte Carlo Simulation

Singular assumptions can be formulated as random variables with pre-defined probability distributions and parameters. The so defined variables are re-calculated at every simulation cycle and lead to different outputs of designated forecast cells. The results of the simulation are depicted as probability distributions themselves.

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Sensitivity Analysis and Reports

Analyse yor simulation results with histograms, scatterplots, tornado charts, sensitivity analysis and descriptive statistic indicators.  Export your complete simulation dataset for further in-depth analysis or reporting.

Compare Versions

There is a full version of the eniacSim add-in that can be licensed for 1 year, 2 years or for an unlimited period of time.  After expiry of the licence period, the add-in will continue to function as a Light version with limited functionality for 15 additional days.







Full Monte Carlo Simulation
Seamless Excel integration
Userfriendly interface
Developed for macOS
Runs on Windows
Full functionset available
Own application development
Free updates
Customized chart settings
Cumulative distribution graph
Customized usersettings
Probability distributions
Simulation cycles
Available for
15 days
1 year
1 year
2 years
1 yr
2 yrs
EUR 25
EUR 99-249

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We support universities, academic institutions and students for research and teaching and offer a 1 year license of eniacSim at a price of EUR 25. Please get in contact with us to qualify and receive your discount coupon.

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