Manage your Licenses

A license of eniacSim is bound to the computer device on which the add-in is installed. Activation and Deactivation connects the installed add-in directly with the license management on our server. An Internet connection is used for Activation/Deactivation only and is not necessary for running the tool.

In very rare cases, when a connection is not possible during the registration process (e.g. due to hard firewall restrictions), the registration process can be completed via this license management page.

As we do not store any personal data or passwords, the access to your license management works by email authentification. Please enter your email address that was used for the license purchase to receive your one time password by email.

If you have made a purchase already, you can request a list of your License Keys. The list will be sent to your email address.
Request a download link for the newest version of the eniacSim Excel add-in.
You can manually generate a device-bound Activation Code to activate a license on a device.  The Activation Code will be sent to your email address and has to be entered in the Registration window of the Excel add-in.
After deactivation of a license on your device, you will be shown a Deactivation Code. This code has to be entered here in order to release the License Key for a new activation.